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How Big of a Loudspeaker Do You Need?

The fact is that when purchasing loudspeakers, many people go overboard and purchase speakers which are much bigger than you need. Oftentimes people are misled by the manufacturers in terms of how much wattage they actually need for a specific environment. However, many people don’t realize that a medium-size room only needs about 10 W per speaker to get adequate volume. However, the volume depends on the speaker sensitivity and not only on wattage. The above rule of thumb is for an average loudspeaker.

However, it nonetheless makes sense to purchase speakers which are rated for more than 10 whites. This is why: the diaphragm of the speaker does not work linearly throughout the whole range of movement. When it exits the zero excitation area, movement will no longer be linear in relation to the electric current that flows through the circuit. Therefore, speakers tend to distort when driven to close to maximum wattage. …


How to Select a Suitable Audio Amplifier

Audio amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes. There are models available virtually for every imaginable application. In addition to being custom tailored to different applications, different models also have different levels of performance. When purchasing a power amplifier, it is smart to know in advance exactly what requirements your application has. If you are installing the amplifier outdoors, for example, make sure that the amplifier is rated for outdoor use. That means that the enclosure must be waterproof.

Depending on your speakers, your amp will have to deliver a certain amount of power. When selecting power amplifiers, pay close attention to how the wattage is rated. Oftentimes manufacturers tend to specify peak power. However, this figure is quite misleading since it does not reflect the amplifiers performance in a realistic way.

A much more realistic figure is the RMS power rating. This figure is fairly well standardized and allows you to compare different …


How to Save Money When Shopping for Wireless Speakers

The holidays are over. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get good deals on electronics such as wireless loudspeakers. You just have to know how to find the best price without sacrificing quality. I will show you some tips which should make your shopping experience much more pleasant.

There are many manufacturers of cordless loudspeakers. Wireless speakers are available from Sony, Amphony, Bose and Soundcast. However, when shopping for product you don’t have to restrict yourself to specific brand. Rather it is much more important to figure out what requirements you have and then settled on a model that meets your requirements. Obviously, sticking to a well-known manufacturer will give you peace of mind that you can get warranty service even several years down the road.

wireless bbq speakers

But just as purchasing grand-name speakers will give you peace of mind that the product is backed by the manufacturer, I nonetheless recommend to buy the …


Some Tips for Improving the Sound Quality of Your Audio Equipment

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional contractor for setting up some audio equipment then most likely you will try to find some inexpensive components and connect them up yourself. This usually works pretty well but you most likely are not getting the best audio quality that you could get if you were to spend more money. However, there some tweaks which you can use to improve performance of your audio equipment without breaking the bank.

One of the mistakes which is made very often when setting up audio equipment is to use inexpensive connecting cables. This can really degrade the sound quality because the overall sound depends on the quality of each step in the chain. As audio is being transmitted from one component of your equipment to another, it is essential that the quality of the audio be maintained throughout. That can only happen if there are high-quality connectors …


How Much Distortion Should an Audio Amplifier Have?

In this post, I’m going to focus on audio distortion caused by power amplifiers. I would explain the meaning of this term and also show you how distortion is being generated. I am also going to give you an assessment of how much audio distortion an amplifier should have.

When an audio signal is being amplified by a power amplifier, there will be slight alterations of the signal. These alterations are being caused by the internal components of the amplifier, simply put, the components inside the power amplifier are not working perfectly linear. That is especially true with modern switch mode power amplifiers. Even though modern amplifiers have been able to reduce these imperfections, there still is some amount of non-linearity.

The way distortion is measured is by specifying a number. This number is expressed in percent. This number represents the energy of distortion divided by the energy of the signal. The distortion obviously …